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Mar 3, 2008, 2:36 AM

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Re: [bktv] Georgia

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I think Stephanie is accurate with the "quite a few" students being 5-7 per genre, or 10-14 total per entering class. Most PhD programs admit 1-3 per genre, or 2-6 per entering class. That's easily less than most MFA programs. However, I would still say that many MFA programs receive more applications than PhD programs, but then most PhD applicants are more qualified/experienced.

Yep. You pretty much nailed it.

Which is why I'm already planning my list for next year. This is tough sledding, and I've just decided to remain even-keeled about the whole process. The acceptance rates are just ridiculously lowÖlast year, Ohio accepted 2 people per genre. Fiction had around 80 applicants. Whatís that, a 2% acceptance rate amongst very stiff competition?

Iíve just realized that itís pointless to work myself up over this whole process any longer, and that the best thing to do is to keep writing and keep applying until someone offers me or I finally get in off a waitlist.

Best of luck to everyone this week.

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