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Main Index » Writing and Publishing » MFA Programs Re: [rubyfruit] Choosing an MFA Program (2008)/ Virginia Tech: Edit Log

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Feb 21, 2008, 7:15 PM

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Re: [rubyfruit] Choosing an MFA Program (2008)/ Virginia Tech

I know Fred D'Aguiar as I obtained my MFA from U of Miami while he was there. He's very good and an excellent teacher. Oh and he's also a phenomenal novelist. He brings a very interesting perspective to his art, in part because of his dual Guayanese/British heritage. I think that, in accordance with his own unique nature, gives him an interesting perspective on form in poetry that you might not otherwise get from a faculty of American-born-and-educated poets. For example, one of his most recent books was a long poem about the Jonestown massacre written in Ottava Rima.

And of course, Nicki Giovanni teaches at Virginia Tech as well.

I can't speak to funding or lifestyle in Blacksburg, but feel free to PM if you'd like to know more about Fred and the way he taught the classes I took with him.

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