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Nov 28, 2007, 9:36 AM

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Re: [umass76] What are the odds?


I confused us both, by trying to remember a conversation from mid-August. I think your numbers come from me (30%, 160, etc.) because I sent them to you after I talked to Fred. The 30 stuck in my head, but as a head-count rather than a percentage . . .

Fred Leebron said: "We'll accept 40 out of 160 this round, which is 30%. I know it doesn't sound like it, but it is."

Fuzzy math for English majors? Yield vs. invited? I don't know. I also think there is some confusion because low-res runs year round and may get as many apps in the winter as in the spring. Your numbers may be skewed by that. For example, Iowa likely doesn't get many apps in winter, while Queens will get another 160.

My head hurts. It is 40, though, and 30%. Ow.

Oh, and he also said that this January will be the first semester they reach the 100 student plateau, so the website may just be old news. They are not planning on getting any bigger, which is why the acceptance rate will drop in the future if the app growth continues.

[One final edit - (and Seth, we spend too much time here) The "welcome!" emails to the January fiction class have 16 names attached, including me.]

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