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Nov 28, 2007, 9:17 AM

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Re: [drasticmania1] What are the odds?


Jaywalke clearly has the most recent info, mine says 48/year on average w/ 160 apps--an approximately 30% acceptance rate, excluding yield (meaning, in real-world terms the acceptance rate is actually higher). Right now the website says that there are 70 students enrolled, which would mean 35/year, as the website also says it's a four-semester program.

I'm a little confused, then, about the "30/year, 100 total" info that the program's giving out. Is the standard completion time for the program 3+ years, despite it being a four-semester program? That'd be extremely unusual, especially given that low-res programs are designed to minimalize the strain on participants' time (i.e., one shouldn't have difficulty making four "semesters" of one week each).

It would have to be a 3+ year program, I think, for 30/year to mean 100 total. While my understanding was that it had 100 total--that much is acknowledged across-the-board (except, apparently, on the website)--I also had it down as a two-year program, and so had just under 50 per class as the acceptance figure. I'm always a little bit skeptical when the numbers put out by the school have the effect of dramatically lowering its acceptance rate. Something's not quite right there.

(ON EDIT: Looks like "Jaywalke" has amended his post to reflect 40/year, which would make a lot more sense, though it still doesn't mathematically add up exactly. On the other hand, it's pretty much smack-dab in the middle of the figure I had and what the current version of the website implies--40 is right between 35 and 48, basically--so 40 certainly could be accurate).

Either way, it's a nice acceptance rate, as it's competitive with Vermont College (which has a 25% acceptance rate; that info comes right from the school), which at the moment is probably sitting in the #2 spot, along with Bennington College, among low-res MFA programs (after Warren Wilson, which looks to have a 12.5% acceptance rate, and I really do think is the class of that field).


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