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Nov 27, 2007, 10:31 PM

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Re: [Junior Maas] What are the odds?


Here's the most recent data I've got re: application numbers (ranked most to least, of those schools for which this data is available; these numbers have likely all risen, in some cases substantially, since this data was collected over a year ago) [data taken from:

1210 University of Iowa

0850 New York University

0750 The New School
0716 Brown University

0650 Columbia University
0610 University of Massachusetts
0600 University of Michigan

0575 University of Virginia
0540 University of Oregon
0525 Cornell University

0500 University of Minnesota

0410 Indiana University
0400 Bard College [low-residency]

0375 San Francisco State University
0375 Boston University
0355 University of Washington
0350 University of Arizona
0325 University of Texas
0325 George Mason University
0320 Brooklyn College

0250 Syracuse University
0250 University of Arkansas
0250 Univ. of North Carolina at Wilmington
0225 University of Montana
0218 University of San Francisco
0201 Hollins College
0200 University of Florida
0200 CUNY [Hunter College]
0200 Warren Wilson College [low-residency]

0192 University of Notre Dame
0192 University of British Columbia [Canada]
0160 Queens University of Charlotte [low-residency]
0125 California College of the Arts
0120 Washington University at St. Louis
0100 University of North Carolina at Greensboro

0075 Bowling Green State University
0043 North Carolina State University
0028 Naropa University [low-residency]
0024 Georgia College and State University

I can also add that UC-Irvine has 300 applications just in fiction, which likely means about 500 total (my research seems to show about 2 applications in poetry for every 3 in fiction, at most schools); Purdue has 100 in fiction (165 total, est.); University of Illinois has 62 in fiction (100 total, est.). Of course, you always have to keep in mind class size: Purdue, for instance, accepts 8 people total per year--at last count--so 165 applications could still mean a 4.8% acceptance rate (not accounting for "yield," which at this point is unknowable), or, about the acceptance rate for Harvard Medical School.


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