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Jul 25, 2007, 12:26 AM

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Re: [mrshankly] Benny

Well, that's what I was asking. To me, the funding looks a bit sketchy -- at least compared with various other 'top' schools. Looks like you get some sort of "fellowship" in the first year, but you have to pay tuition, and it pretty much equals out. To me that's a tuition waiver, although UVA doesn't call it that. In the second year they waive tuition and pay about $4,000 per semester to teach one class.

Taste in faculty is subjective. I'm not sure who comes out ahead 'accomplishment'-wise (they all have good books). And isn't Beattie like the 80's minimalism queen? The weird thing is I prefer Noy Holland; but from what I've read of student work, I'm more aligned with the UVA bunch.

Trickier still: let's say you really dig someone like Michael Knight, UVA grad (which I do). And let's say he's now teaching somewhere like Mississippi (which he does). All things equal, do you go for the writer you admire, or the school that helped him get there?

Quandaries, man. Quandaries!

six five four three two one 0 ->

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