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Jul 19, 2007, 7:30 PM

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Re: [mingram] Benny

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In Reply To
Fact: Wolfe chose Shimon Tanaka for BNAV, then gave him the Stegner.

Fact: Wolfe chose Adam Johnson for BNAV, then gave him the Stegner.

I guess this doesn't strike me as all that scandalous. Wolff liked Tanaka's work when he read it for BNAV, and then liked it again when he read it for the Stegner?

Why is that so weird?

Yes, sorry I was so touchy. As I said, they insulted my grammar!

I don't know whether the above is weird, immoral, unlawful, unethical, or just merely sucky. I'd have to fetch a dictionary. But to me it seems that Wolfe might know going in who one or two of the fiction folks are going to be. And I've never applied, but I hear those applications are mighty expensive even when you think you're competing for five slots, not three or four. It really is true that the Cheetos Sweepstakes has tighter rules than most literary contests. In no other scenario would someone give out one prize, then turn right around and give that person a bigger prize he or Cheetos is judging.

This could totally be ok with you guys, and I respect that. I didn't want to get pushed into the role of moral crusader. It just strikes me as a bit odd, both on its own, and in conjunction with other stuff, like the wife.

Plus there's always the more obscure psychological factors at work. My neighbor, our state's go-to rock star of experimental psych, is fond of mentioning the "mere ownership" effect: judges will get more jazzed about a piece they've already seen (and liked) than a new, equally worthy piece. It's one reason Cheetos et al avoid any sort of nepotism.

six five four three two one 0 ->

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