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Jul 19, 2007, 10:28 AM

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Re: [Junior Maas] Benny

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Perhaps your judgment's clouded if you're really palling around with Tobias Wolfe, Robert Olen Butler, Derek Walcott, various other BU harassers, or, I dunno, Julie Orringer. I deal in facts. And I didn't name any criminals; I said I thought I'd heard of harassment in connection with BU. And I was right. Umass76 and piratelizzy provided the name.

If a school's rankings are affected by nepotism (or in the case of Florida, one stellar writer chosen four times for BNAV), it deserves a mention.

Fact: Orringer was awarded the Stegner when she was either engaged or married to Ryan Harty, a current Stegner fellow.

Fact: Butler's students win a disproportionate amount of Stegners. Look at the list of winners and where they went to school. A lot of people have said this is because Butler is pals with Wolfe, and Wolfe usually throws him a bone. Teachers like to see their students get ahead. Because who knows, someday the Atlantic may rank you in the top ten.

Fact: Wolfe chose Shimon Tanaka for BNAV, then gave him the Stegner.

Fact: Wolfe chose Adam Johnson for BNAV, then gave him the Stegner.

A few Stegners that were Butler's students: Adam Johnson, Rita Mae Reese, Russell Franklin... There are others. Do I know them all? No. Because I'm not interested enough to spend hours on Google.

Heck, have you even read This Boy's Life? The back cover mentions Wolfe's "stunning act of reinvention". Do you know what that was? Falsifying documents to get into a good school over more qualified applicants.

I first read of this Stegner stuff on Kealey's blog (no, I'm not going to dig around for the link). Kealey didn't correct or remove the comments, as was his habit with false or negative information.

I'm weally sowy if these things have hurt your weetle feewings. However, they do effect my estimation of a school's integrity. They do effect where I'll choose to apply. And I will discuss it even if your mom's daddy's cousin shared a hot dog with Robert Olen Butler.

Here's a link with more people chiming in on the whole Stegner issue:


Here's a list of recent Stegner winners going back to 2000. Unfortunately, Orringer, Harty, or Johnson are no longer on that list. Perhaps you could Google them if you're really that interested...


Fact: all of the so-called evidence you posted above is either circumstantial or hearsay. Another message board on foetry, populated with paranoid rumormongers like yourself, is now a reliable source? You clearly do not "deal in facts": you traffic in implication and innuendo. Oh, and condescension, apparently.

Because it's not possible that a writer as accomplished as Adam Johnson -- even before the Stegner, as another poster pointed our -- could win a Stegner based on his talent. There must be a conspiracy.

You also neglect to mention the fact that FSU is hardly dominating the Stegner. If you glance at the link you posted, the most Stegners over the last ten years or so seem to come from Iowa and Arizona. Both have another one this year. So tell us, please, which faculty members at those institutions are part of this nefarious Wolff-Butler cabal?

And who are the "various other BU harassers"? You drop that little gem right before saying how you deal in facts. So, who are they? Nobody else has mentioned anything but Walcott's name. What are your facts there?

While we're being condescending, perhaps you should put away your Oliver Stone DVDs, burn those Stegner rejections, and get on with your writing instead of concocting conspiracy theories. Lots of us get Stegner rejections every year, but we don't go on smear campaigns on internet message boards.

(This post was edited by toadvine on Jul 19, 2007, 10:30 AM)

Edit Log:
Post edited by toadvine (Novice) on Jul 19, 2007, 10:30 AM

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