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Apr 3, 2007, 12:31 AM

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Re: [jargreen] DEBT

25K is a lot of debt for an MFA. How old are you and/or what's your situation?

Next year will be here before you know it...heck, you'd start your 08 apps in 4-5 months.

If you're good enough to be waitlisted at UMASS, you should definitely not have to pay a dime for a resident MFA program.

Just my two cents, but as someone with an MFA right now, I can promise you that the degree will not even come close to returning your investment, $$-wise.

I'm very lucky to have a teaching gig that pays high-20's. High 20's/low 30's is the best you can expect for a non-tenure track post-MFA freshman comp gig (I probably shouldn't assume that you'll teach after your MFA, but based on my experience that's what most of my MFA peers get into..at least for awhile...or editing). That yearly salary would equal your debt for just one year. I know an MFA is an art degree and it's easy to not worry about debt, but the post-MFA world is a cold, cold, place--trust me--and two years from now that loan could be a bear to pay off.

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