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Jan 16, 2007, 12:07 PM

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Re: [hamholio] Don't yell at me, but...

Honestly, I'm not trying to spin anything. I edited my post and admitted my mistake. That was not a mistake I made when I was looking at the data to answer Hopper's challenge. That was a mistake I made when I went to write the post using the data I had (i.e., the Selectivity Indexes, whose credibility is at issue here, didn't make the "mistake"; I did. That's all I was saying). Look, I've got no problem admitting I don't have a handle on all this data, 'cause there's so much of it(!)

P.S. Ham, if you're really just trying to be fair here, and not after me in particular, why don't you ask Hopper to put his money where his mouth is and tell us all which top fifty MFA program gets less than 100 applications? He made that claim and now he won't tell us. Don't you want to know where he got that data, and whether it's real data? I do. Because the lowest reported application base I've seen so far in the top fifty programs (and now more than a quarter, 28%, of those programs have reported data) is 250 applications. And that was from one of the lower-ranked programs. Generally, all the schools have 300 or more applications, which would make Hopper's revelation that "there are a number of programs--off the top of my head I can think of two--that have been championed by you as 'up and coming' and had less than 100 applicants in recent years" quite a stunner indeed. So I'd like to know the names of those two schools.

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