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Jan 16, 2007, 11:47 AM

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Re: [hamholio] wait a minute ...

That's a fair point. I have hard data for only 13 of the top fifty schools: useful, but not compelling. With Cornell, in theory I'd have 14 schools now. The other data points in the Selectivity Indexes (12 of them) just tell you the maximum acceptance rate a school is likely to have, and I admit that's of limited value [and said so right on the blog: "on many levels, it seems a futile exercise to create Selectivity Indexes for MFA programs, as a) so many programs do not give out the information necessary to chart them in this index, b) those programs who do release an 'IA' number often do not release their 'APP,' thus leaving prospective students with only a 'maximum' figure for the school's acceptance rate, and c) because of the foregoing flaws in the methodology employed here, the rankings below are of the very roughest sort indeed"].

Not that I'm saying you did this, Ham, but as a general comment I really can't figure out why I'm occasionally getting accused of trying to pull the wool over people's eyes...I wrote the introductions to each ranking for a reason, and they are not intended merely as apologia, but (as we attorneys might say) as "limiting instructions" for the use of the rankings themselves.

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