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Jan 12, 2007, 1:29 PM

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Re: [umass76] Another New MFA Ranking

P.S. Clench, another way to look at this--i.e., just how close Kealey came to the general consensus of prospective MFA students here and at Live Journal--is the chart below, which shows the schools Kealey (i.e. TKS) was within 6 spots or less of (in terms of the LJPW Reader Poll):

1 spots (7): Indiana, Cornell, Syracuse, Columbia, Oregon, Minnesota, Colorado State
2 spots (0): [None].
3 spots (4): Michigan, Brown, NYU, Arkansas
4 spots (4): Virginia, Texas State at San Marcos, UNC at Greensboro, Brooklyn
5 spots (3): Johns Hopkins, Hollins, Wisconsin
6 spots (4): Houston, UC Davis, Arizona, Sarah Lawrence

That's 22 schools with a ridiculously-low 3.36 average MoE, well within the (not unreasonable) five-point MoE you said would probably be most compelling to MFA prospective students. Included amongst these 22 schools are at least 18 we'd probably all consider "highly" competitive (i.e., in the top twenty-five to thirty MFA programs).


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