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Jan 9, 2007, 12:14 AM

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Re: [Clench Million] Lists that actually matter

Alright, Clench, you win. You've repeatedly misstated and/or flat-out ignored things I've said, as have one or two others here, and repeatedly attacked my tone while the initial "attack" in this thread was a blatant "attack"--in knee-jerk fashion--on a ranking you still don't show any signs whatsoever of actually understanding or caring to understand. And not because I haven't explained it (you'll notice most folks here are saying I've done more than enough explaining) but because you either mischaracterize or misstate or ignore what I say and then make irrelevant and unrelated side-points which cause you frustration when I belittle them or claim them to be (as they are) irrelevant to what we were just talking about and what the main thrust of the discussion is. [E.g., whoever said Iowa gives no funding? Whoever said Kealey's Iowa ranking was correct? Whoever said that the USNWR rankings no longer have any value or cache? Whoever said rankings should be the sole resource used by prospective MFA students? I don't believe and didn't say those things, but I had to expend a lot of energy pretending as though I did so we could have a back-and-forth discussion here which vaguely resembled one that sane people might have. So if I got, as Al Gore might say, a little "snippy," it's partly because it felt like someone threw ten water balloons in the air just to see how many I could juggle. I think it's all too easy to attribute the lack of productiveness in the conversation wholly to me. So, good luck with that, I guess. Fortunately there's really nothing at stake in this conversation, as no one is being "misled" (as someone intimated) if they follow the advice I've been trying to give all along: rankings are just one resource, use but don't abuse them, and so on and so on and so on...].

And while we're having this discussion, 90% of the people who know about Kealey are reading TKS rankings and (apparently) coming back to them again and again (nine full days after I posted the rankings, visitors are up 500% with Kealey's site being the largest referrer by a factor of 10; so, you can understand, I hope, why I'm skeptical that "Clench" and "Hopper" represent any large demographic here). By which I mean: regarding TKS, there's evident and substantial interest. If you guys don't see it and aren't willing to discuss TKS point-by-point, which is what I've done in every post here--yes, very good, like the lawyer I am (one might say derisively)--that's totally fine with me. Seriously, I really do wish all you guys the best, and think you should value schools however the heck you want to. It's no skin off my back.

I'm certain I wasn't the best person to roll out a new ranking system; I did my best, certainly got too heated under the pressure, and don't handle well people less inclined to debate than to needle pointlessly. The bottom line, though, is that the rankings are out and the opinion seems to be about 10-to-1 that they are at least worth the consideration of a serious and lengthy read.

Cheers all,

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Edit Log:
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