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Mar 15, 2006, 10:26 AM

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Re: [clarabow] Decision making process...

I wouldn't care if people knew I was waitlisted or not.

That's the most important thing. See, I'm not sure I wouldn't care. And it could be a big mental hurdle for me. It's possible that mental hurdle could mean I wouldn't get as much out of the program.

That's what I'm tangoing with now, with Ohio State. I've been in love with that program for three years now. They waitlisted me, and although that shows they do appreciate my work, it also shows that they appreciated someone else at least a little bit more, maybe a lot more. I also don't know how many people are ahead of me.

If I were called up from the waitlist now, I'm not sure how I would feel or what I would do. The program is great; I love Columbus; it's not too far from home and my boyfriend; and the funding is superior to many other programs' funding.

But I would be worried that I'd feel inferior to other MFA candidates. (Even though, if I don't go to OSU, and I find out that one or more of my colleagues was waitlisted, I can't imagine that I'd really think about that when I considered their work. I know how competitive programs are and that even many talented people are rejected. The waitlisted people are talented, too. Just like I am, dammit.)

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