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Nov 16, 2005, 8:16 AM

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Re: [Aubrie] the application annotation

Good advice Dana. I have a feeling that a vomit-fouled application might not get a fair consideration. Interested in telling us what you are applying to grad school for?
For everybody else - don't be so impressed I got the applications out. I had a serious head start.
I have a deal with my spouse that involved me applying to only one school last year. Anyway, I had my personal statement from that done, which made things a lot easier, plus I had to take my GRE's last year and had a copy of my application from last year. That meant that this year, I pretty much just had to refill out application forms (for four schools, another part of my deal with my spouse), and then make sure the personal statement was right for each school. Oh yeah, and then I "only" had to do the writing samples.
I was lucky with the personal statement. My brother, for whatever reason, is phenomenal at those kind of essays, and helped me out quite a bit. Thank god I didn't need to use my mother!

(This post was edited by HopperFu on Nov 16, 2005, 8:19 AM)

Edit Log:
Post edited by HopperFu (Enthusiast) on Nov 16, 2005, 8:19 AM

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