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Kaytie M. Lee

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May 2, 2005, 8:47 PM

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Re: [emilydixieson] Critique Guidance in MFA Workshops

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I've enjoyed this discussion, complete with a Billy Collins floorshow! But, I am wondering: what do y'all find that you do with the critiques? What do you actually do with all this "helpful commentary?"

Like edwriter and others above, I take the stack of comments and transfer them all onto one master. Then I wait a few days (or longer) and revisit the manuscript with the comments, a sort of "workshop revision." I only incorporated what I thought worked.

I save the master in a file cabinet with the teacher's copy for posterity, or because I have pack-ratism in my genes. And for some teachers, you want to keep their words.

After I took the last workshop from my program, I took out all of those masters and read through them. I could see the evolution of my work, and see what comments I still got after all that work. It was an enlightening weekend, let me tell you.

And since it's related, I save new versions of my manuscripts on my computer every time I change them so that I can always go back to an original or earlier draft. I also back up to another computer and upload to a private site on the internet, just in case...

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