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Dana Davis / Moderator
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Apr 22, 2005, 10:46 AM

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     Sites for Workshopping and Critique

http://dmoz.org/...ry/Chats_and_Forums/ A page of links to many websites that appear (based on the brief descriptions in the page) to allow and/or encourage posting and critiquing original work. The links listed at the above page are specifically for poetry. Also, check out this thread in the Poetry Forum.

The following are links to websites for posting original work in addition to poetry:





Critters Workshop (http://www.critters.org/)


Melic Review (http://www.melicreview.com/)

Moveoangelus (http://www.moveoangelus.com/)

Wild Poetry (http://www.wildpoetryforum.com/)

Writer's Block (http://www.writersblock.com/)

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