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Connect your poems, stories, essays, and reviews to the right audiences by researching over eight hundred literary magazines in our database. Here, you’ll find editorial policies, submission guidelines, contact information—everything you need to direct your work to the publications most amenable to your vision.

Journal Genres Published Accepts Electronic Submissions? Accepts Simultaneous Submissions? Reading Period Format
Former People: A Journal of Bangs and Whimpers

We aim to be pluralists in our exploration of things neo-modern. This is not a movement nor is it a pretense to a clear aesthetic criteria as much as a zeitgeist and a de-personalization of the arts. We are like the orphaned children of deposed nobility, walking in the aftermath of their advances and retreats; their hundred visions and revisions.

Poetry, Creative Nonfiction
Yes Yes Jan 1 - Dec 31
No payment
Cross-genre, Flash Fiction, Prose Poetry
Found Poetry Review

The Found Poetry Review celebrates the poetry in the existing and the everyday. The journal is exclusively dedicated to found poetry such as blackouts, erasures, cut-ups and other forms.

Poetry Yes Yes Jan 1 - Dec 31
Contributor copies only
Found Press Quarterly

Found Press is a digital short-story publisher. Our titles are available for purchase through Kobo, Kindle, and our website. Every three months we release a handful of stories in Found Press Quarterly. Unlike traditional short-writing collections, FPQ features pieces that are produced, promoted, and—most notably—sold as stand-alone works. We strongly feel that short-story writers deserve as much recognition as authors of full-length books, and our unique publishing model gives us the freedom to help our authors reach as broad an audience as possible.

Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Yes Yes Jan 1 - Dec 31
Foundling_Review_Nov09.jpgFoundling Review

What makes Foundling Review different? Nothing much. We hold PhD and Masters degrees in areas that are totally unrelated to fine arts. But we love reading, writing, and have an overwhelming passion for the well-crafted word.

Poetry, Fiction
Yes Yes Jan 1 - Dec 31
4and20_Avatar_360.pngFour and Twenty

Four and Twenty is an online poetry journal that publishes the shortest of short form poetry.The guidelines are simple. All poems must be four lines or fewer in length and contain no more than twenty words (hence, Four and Twenty). All submissions are judged on the author’s ability to create a vivid picture, evoke an emotional response, and use creative wordplay. There is no set theme for the journal. A new issue of the journal is released the third Tuesday of each month.

Poetry Yes No Jan 1 - Dec 31
Four Chambers

Four Chambers is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ. We don't have an aesthetic. We don't know what we like. We like so many things. We're publishing contemporary literature. We don't know what that means. Isn't everything contemporary literature? That means so many things. We just love writing. We love reading. Our lives would be less meaningful without them. We wouldn't know anybody. We wouldn't do anything. We're a heart: something organic, centralized, & part of a larger body; that connects, supports, & circulates life. We're publishing work to build community.

Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
Yes Yes Jun 1 - Mar 28
Contributor copies only
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