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Notes from Houston Roundtable Meeting
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Apr 22, 2013, 3:58 PM

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Notes from Houston Roundtable Meeting Can't Post

Poets & Writers

Houston Literary Roundtable Meeting

Thursday, March 28, 2013



Cheryl Klein, Poets & Writers
Andrew Wessels, Poets & Writers
Gayatri Parikh, Writers in the Schools
Juliette P. Ducote, Flamenco Poets Society
Donna Kilgore, Texas Southern University
Michael Sollars, Texas Southern University
Ron C. Samples, Texas Southern University
Robert Clark, First Friday, Houston Poetry Fest
Allen Westrick, Houston Public Library
Zachary Martin, Gulf Coast
Fran Sanders, Public Poetry
Holly Josey, writer
Karyna McGlynn, Gulf Coast, Houston Indie Book Fest, UH writing program

Eden Elieff, writer
Emily Sketch Haines, writer
Ana Laurel, Voices Breaking Boundaries
Nakia Laushaul, writer, typesetter
Jan Elman Stout, writer
Krupa Parikh, Inprint

Cheryl Klein, Director of the California Office & Readings/Workshops (West)


Cheryl Klein
· Description of Poets & Writers online and magazine resources
· Introduction of forthcoming online grant application system
· Q&A about R/W Program
o What are the funding limits? $500
o How many writers can be supported through one organization? Up to 10 (based on min. $50 grant & $500 maximum grant amount per organization)
o What other ways can P&W promote and support organizations?

Guests split into two groups, moderated by Cheryl Klein and Andrew Wessels to further explore the questions:
· “What does the Houston literary community need?”
· “How can P&W assist these needs?”

Combined list of ideas and proposals from both groups (as noted by Cheryl and Andrew):
· Better communication among writers/throughout the writing community
· A centralized website.
o Glasstire ( covers visual arts. Fresh Arts ( and Arts Hound ( have good arts listings, but sometimes literary listings get lost.
o Who would run a literary website?
· Opportunities to come together—like a quarterly happy hour sponsored remotely by Poets & Writers (Emily Sketch Haines is interested in heading up this project).
· More cross-pollination between literary scenes/cells, including between university and non-university factions.
· More overlap between arts forms.
· More diverse audiences.
· More collaboration.
· Events that are “inside the Beltway but outside the Loop.”
· Events that go beyond readings (for example, “poetry buskers”).
· A way for writers to reach book clubs.
o Institutional book clubs (like Museum of Fine Arts’s) are easier to reach than private ones.
· More workshops for kids, teens, and families.
· Access to Poets & Writers contacts?
· Funding for other pursuits (i.e. not readings or workshops)
o Funding for a calendar?
o Tech grants?
· Forum that connects literary organizations with web & graphic designers
· Can Poets & Writers do an upcoming events email?
o Inspired by the success of the P&W e-blast promoting the roundtable
· General discussion of how to create a Houston writing community as opposed to “islands” of micro-communities
o Sub-discussion: How to bridge the divide between the university communities and independent communities
o Sub-discussion: How to band together and do cross-promotion for each other’s events and pursuits

The groups merged back together and briefly discussed the various ideas each had generated.

Cheryl Klein, Director California Office and Readings/Workshops (West), Poets & Writers, Inc.


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