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Choosing an MFA Program (2008)
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Mar 20, 2008, 2:14 AM

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     Re: [ecrivain.amy] Choosing an MFA Program (2008)  

Take a look at Bath Spa University. They've got some solid (read: regular New Yorker contributors) teachers there. From the small amount of research I've done on UK schools, East Anglia and Edinburgh are the most desirable. Edinburgh's program seems to be lecture-based rather than workshop-based, however. Oxford recently started up a low-res 2 year program, but I didn't recognize the faculty upon first reading about them. Good luck! If you figure out their insane application procedures you should start a thread about it here.


Mar 20, 2008, 5:31 AM

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     Re: [MissEsquire] Choosing an MFA Program (2008)  

Hey Miss Esquire!

Thanks for your thoughts - it's amazing as all the universities you mentioned I have applied for! Anglia, Edinburgh and Bath Spa. So far rejected from Anglia (expected with over 400 applicants and they only accept 12 people!) but I have an interview at Bath and I haven't heard back from Edinburgh yet.

I have just been having a look on the internet and I wonder how good Bath Spa actually is? It doesn't have overly good rankings in the university tables but apparently the creative writing course is very, very good. However, I did read something yesterday, that apparently they have over 600 people studying writing there??? Surely not for the Masters Programme?

Have you heard anything about Birkbeck in London? Equally apparently Andrew Motion, the director at Anglia has recently moved to Royal Holloway in London; and Manchester now has Martin Amis on it's staff...

It's very difficult to get information on which are the better programmes, where to go, what is considered good - apart from the main ones of coure, like Anglia.

Cheers for all your help!


Mar 20, 2008, 8:52 AM

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     Re: [ecrivain.amy] Choosing an MFA Program (2008)  

That 600 people factoid is a bit weird. Does that include undergrad? Still...600? That's bigger than my entire undergrad class.

Haven't heard about Birkbeck. I was confused to see that Andrew Motion was not at Anglia anymore and wondered what he was up to. Working with Martin Amis, though, would be amazing. Are you applying for poetry or fiction? Or do they all do the cross-genre thing there?

It is confusing. It's too bad that, in his "foreign" section, Tom Kealey just went onto five websites and pulled info that anyone with a computer and a brain can access. I found a helpful article in the Guardian online a few months ago on these programs. You should maybe do a google search?


Mar 21, 2008, 4:03 AM

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     Re: [ecrivain.amy] Choosing an MFA Program (2008)  


I'm a little late to this topic, but you might also think of checking out Glasgow University. And St. Andrews has a really solid program.

I hold an MSc in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, so if you (or anyone else) has questions specific to that program, feel free to pm me.

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