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Nov/Dec Article on MFA Writing Programs
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Darren A. Deth

Oct 24, 2004, 9:38 AM

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Nov/Dec Article on MFA Writing Programs Can't Post

Has anyone here read the article in the new issue of P&W? What I found interesting was the sub story entitled "Confessions of an MFA Application Reader." For the most part I agreed with exactly what Mr. Almond said. The only point I think should have been made clearer was about how much to submit for writing samples. He stated less is more in that regard, and that you only send your best, regardless if it comes under the number of pages asked for. If I could add my two cents worth, I would suggest that if you have a question about this you contact the individual schools you apply to. That is the route I took when I applied to Vermont College and Stonecoast. I was sending different stories to each of them. One of them was 16 pages and the other 13. I could not send both of them together to either school as it would go over the page limit. Vermont College, upon my question if 16 pages was enough, advised me to send more. Fortunately, I had a story that filled the remaining requirement and was an entire piece. Stonecoast told me the 13 pages were fine and that I could send more material if I felt it would strengthen my application.

You certainly want to send your best in either case, but when beginning the application process, I suggest if you have concerns in this area to get in touch with the programs.


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Oct 24, 2004, 6:04 PM

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Re: [darredet] Nov/Dec Article on MFA Writing Programs Can't Post

i did read the current issue--yesterday, in fact. i thought the article did express some things that people just beginning the research/application process should know. the overall segment was also very similar to this month's writer's digest article on selecting an mfa.

it's probably a timely article for someone searching. and hopefully before they actually begin to send out articles they will have looked at more than just one article in p&w.

has anyone else noticed the increase in mfa articles in magazines? seems like there's one in every issue. i don't mind cuz i read them all :D, but wondering if i'm only noticing because i'm looking.

Darren A. Deth

Oct 24, 2004, 7:26 PM

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Re: [sonshineslocs] Nov/Dec Article on MFA Writing Programs Can't Post

Yes, there has been an increase. The Writer just ran a similiar, although watered down from PW's, article on MFAs. PW had the more indepth article--and the feature of an MFA applicant reader was a definite bonus.


Nov 26, 2004, 2:52 AM

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Re: [darredet] Nov/Dec Article on MFA Writing Programs Can't Post

As someone living (temporarily) in the wilderness of rural Texas, where libraries don't have P&W, I'd love to hear some of the major points in this article! (I'll be happy to swap major points from any issue of Pro Fisherman Review or Armadillo Journal in exchange)


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