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Vicki Hudson

Nov 20, 2012, 3:27 PM

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Re: [edwriter] MFA Workshops

I found workshop critique in my program less than helpful often due to many of my peers did not have effective critique skills and the program did not do much to train students in critique skills. I had a fortunate background from a writing group I'd been in that gave me skills and a definite mindset about always respect the author and the work. I have found this missing in many of the schools of thought on the methods used in workshop. So much so that I published a book on writing groups and critique which would be helpful for MFA students or anyone looking for effective writing groups. The book is a free download everywhere except on Amazon of course where both the Ebook and print version are sold. (Only because Amazon won't let authors do free unless restricted to only on Amazon and no other markets.) Tools for how to critique in a way that respects the writer and the work, even when providing the difficult feedback is the essence of the book. The book is titled No Red Pen: Writers, Writing Groups & Critique by Victoria A. Hudson and is a free Ebook found in most ebook venues.

Vicki Hudson
T/@vickigeist and @vicki_hudson

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