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Dec 22, 2010, 1:28 PM

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Re: [bighark] I'm DONE!

Sorry--that posted without my reply...

This makes a lot of sense, especially now when college graduates might be more likely to see grad school as a way to bivouac through the Great Recession. It actually makes me feel a bit better about the steep incline in applications I've heard about. Older people aren't going to leave jobs for grad school unless, like me, they're nuts. (I'm 45.) If programs have an interest in having a few old heads like me around, maybe my chances are better these days, not worse. Am I delusional?

Of course all the bean-counting means nothing compared to talent and potential and good taste. So maybe the best strategy is to be a rare blossom.

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The numbers of applicants in the age 22-24 end of the MFA application age distribution are going to be highest. That makes sense. Grad school's not as scary for someone who hasn't started a career.

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