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Aug 2, 2010, 9:55 AM

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Re: [alamana] Age of students

That's all really good to hear, Alamana. If you see this and can answer... may I ask, how long did you work on your application stories before you started?

Law is definitely a time-chewer; I've had a few friends in the profession. I had a different career that ate up lots of time in a previous life. I left it for a job that doesn't eat emotion and energy and time like that, though it certainly isn't as lucrative as my former role. But the money is OK and it gives me space to really focus on writing; with the world economy the way it is, I'm just happy to have insurance and a paycheck, etc. So, in that way, I'm immensely lucky. Even though this job does allow me time and energy to write, I still do want to at some point seriously consider an MFA program. It sounds like you are having the kind of experience I'd probably enjoy. Maybe some day I'll be in the same boat. Thanks for your time in responding and good luck with the rest of your program, and your writing.

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