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Nov 10, 2009, 5:31 PM

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Re: [spamela] Workshop stories

Really? My biggest complaint about workshops was the lack of fixing going on. Not so much the tendency to view each story as fundamentally broken, but the way the brokenness was always viewed at the thematic level. Style, for whatever reason, kind of seemed off limits.

The most helpful thing I could have imagined would have been our teacher putting each story up on the projector, pretending he'd woke up hung over and found it and must now set out to fix it. Would've learned much more about mechanics that way then, Gee, would Bob really have been motivated to cross the street by that remark? and, Maybe this should have aliens!.

Poetry workshops were great, though. Not only did you get into the mechanics, there were also times when people would just look at something and say, Don't touch it, it's done!

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