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Nov 10, 2009, 3:40 PM

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Re: [Junior Maas] Workshop stories

Last year, as an experiment, our workshop instructor had us workshop an "anonymous" story. A few of us recognized it, but most had never seen it before and the story didn't fare too well. Had I been the author, I would have slunk out of the workshop feeling like the stupidest person alive.

The story, um, had been written by a very well respected writer and had appeared The New Yorker a few months prior. I'm not saying that the NYorker is the touchstone of brilliance, but they've been known to have pretty good editorial instincts from time to time.

But what this showed was that a workshop can find fault in just about anything you give them-- because that's the job of workshop participants: to snuff out ways that a writer can improve a story. Only a bad workshop exists as a validation tool.

Ridiculous Words

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