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Mar 23, 2006, 5:15 PM

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Re: [sibyline] What are your rankings?

I think Deborah Eisenberg's one of the major draws of UVA, myself. Given the faculty, full funding, teaching opportunities, and general "reputation," I'd probably put UVA in the top five. The idea of working with Eisenberg and Beattie at the same time makes my head want to explode - in a good way.

Syracuse has George Saunders and Mary Gaitskill on faculty, so they're moving up in the world. I have no idea what the funding's like there, though.

There are a number of programs I'd probably put above Brown (very niche) or Boston University, especially since it's a one year deal with little funding. U Mass-Amherst, for example, is a three year program that has tiered funding (much like Iowa) and plenty of opportunities for teaching (both at the college itself and neighboring universities), as well as poetry luminaries like James Tate, a famed summer writing workshop (Juniper), and an extremely well-respected literary magazine (Jubilat). Formerly run by MacArthur Genius Grant winner John Edgar Wideman, the program has also produced poets like Matthew Zapruder (editor for Verse/Wave press) and David Berman - two of poetry's few "stars." It's a damn good school. The University of Montana also tops BU, in my opinion: An Iowa surrogate (i.e. it's modeled on Iowa's program), it's got Kevin Canty and Karen Volkman, (once again) a great reputation, and a steady stream of quality visiting writers and lecturers. In fact, I was told by a reliable source (i.e. someone that got in) that Aimee Bender will be a visiting lecturer this coming fall.

So, yeah... There are plenty of excellent state schools out there that match (or trump) the private stuff.

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