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Sep 26, 2005, 7:41 PM

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Re: [curbludgeon] Letters of reference, fear and panic.

Others have said it, but your work will be the biggest determiner. I doubt that high-profile recs would count much if your work was lousy. On the other hand, the combination of strong work and strong recs never hurt. I'd do the best that you can. Find people who can speak well about your skills. Work on that statement of purpose and the drafts of your creative writing. GRE scores don't mean much for MFAs (unless the English Dept. demands a certain minimum), but if you are happy with your GRE results, that's just icing, man. Sounds like your apps appear solid. Remember that admissions people take the whole view into consideration, not just any one part. You'll probably be fine. When I first applied to MFA programs (I eventually finished an MA and am now applying to doctoral programs), I had two community college professors and one okay four-year-college level poet/fiction writer/professor write my recs. I got into Bama.

Best of luck,


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