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Jun 29, 2005, 3:54 PM

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MFAs in Oregon

Hi, I'm a newbie. I'm a poet with a B.A. in Literature. I've had poems published several places and have taught a colloquium in poetry (which I really enjoyed).

I'll be applying to many MFA and MA programs in Creative Writing and in Publishing and Writing this Winter for Fall 2006 admission.

I'm quite interested in Portland State University's MA in English with a focus in Book Publishing. I was looking at their application guidelines on their site; they were straightforward except for this part:

They want you to submit

"In book publishing: 15-30 pages of written work demonstrating promise of success in the publications industry."

Does anyone know what sort of "written work" they mean? Philosophizing about book production? Editing work? Clippings of writing done for publication? Academic essays? An extended personal statement? Mock-proposals for book projects? I guess they just want to have a sense of the applicant's competence, and their commitment, but....vague...for sure. Color me confused. I thought I'd put the question out to all of you before contacting the dept. about it.




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Edit Log:
Post edited by motet (Veteran) on Feb 1, 2006, 7:59 AM

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