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the wind

Apr 16, 2005, 2:50 PM

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Re: [rshaikh] MFA at UC Riverside?


I've done a little research on Riverside and here's what I know. They are young and new, having only one graduating class last year and one next month. They are an inter-field program and encourage you to also study poetry, fiction, non-fitction, playwriting, screenwriting, and media writing. They offer the only BA in Creative writing in the UC system.

Fiction is strong due to Susan Straight, a book of the year finalist and judge. I recently talked to a new hire and this is what he told me. They had one spot open for fiction but couldn't choose among the three finalist so they took all three (how cool is that?). They are Dana Johnson, Andrew Winer, and Michael Jaime. Those three are all in their 30's which is so cool and hopefully a sign of the changing of the guard in academia. The men went to Irvine and Dana to Indiana. The school is diverse as is the faculty. The faculty has three writers of color which is usually three more than any other program hahaha.

I got in and have committed, so if you want more info, send a holler.

The Wind

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