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Sep 23, 2004, 1:37 PM

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Re: [silkfx2004] Writing portfolio: Should I send this story?

Thanks for all the responses!

Yes, I would definitely consider this literary erotica. The challenge for this particular collection was to write about people getting together who wouldn't normally get together, e.g. different religions, races, abilities, genders, etc. Hapworth, I like your use of "sexually tinged"; that's a good way to describe this piece.

James, because this was written specifically for an erotica collection, the sexuality (actually it's more SENSuality than SEXuality, if you KWIM) is necessary to the piece. The narrator is someone who has never considered herself even remotely attracted to women, much less the woman to whom she ends up being attracted. So the story is pretty much her stream-of-consciousness thought process as this woman makes advances to her. It's basically a 3-page, 900-word sentence...but things are happening in the foreground; it's not all just stuff coming out of her head.

Alex, you happened to mention two of the programs I'm considering. :) But based on some other information I've been reading in this forum, along with other things (one being my desire to get the hell out of the Midwest), I'm having second thoughts about Iowa. I will definitely keep an eye out in my research to see what kind of work the faculty are doing.

Catherine, thank you for not being PC! My mother would have said the same thing. However, based on the other responses, I think I might be able to get away with sending this piece in my portfolio. Since my other pieces are pretty straight up and down in terms of fiction, this might let me show off my experimental side. (Okay, that last sentence can be read several ways now that I look at it...)

Thanks again, everyone!

Nobody but God gets it right the first time. Everybody else has to rewrite. --attributed to Stephen King

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