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John Smith

Sep 21, 2004, 2:10 PM

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Re: [curly] MFA Program at San Francisco State?

In fact, it came out later that he didn't even finish his BA when he was awarded the Poet Laureate of California. They did a background check and stripped the title from him, but I heard my school didn't fire him even though he technically lied on his resume. he's probably the biggest draw to the UCSD program. It was Quincy Troupe if you've ever heard of him.


curly, i'm not interested in an MFA at SFSU but your post on Quincy Troupe is interesting. how come not a lot of people know about Troupe's being stripped of his title.

what made a lot of news was Amiri Baraka's refusal to resign as New Jersey's
poet laureate. The NJ Legislature abolished the position so he cannot be holding to a position which is non-existent.

seems like the African-American poet laureates get stripped of their titlesj, except the female poet Rita Dove.


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Edit Log:
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