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Aug 9, 2004, 2:19 AM

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Re: [freeverses] creative writing ph.d. ?

woohooo! they do exist! UH came up on my search, as did ohio university and univ. of denver. the UH and Ohio sound really good/interesting.

i just feel a bit flighty right now. i just finished my master's in may (communication) and don't have a job lined up. i feel like a big loser ball :) but i know i want to write.

what led you to pursue a ph.d. as opposed to stopping at the MFA? i was considering the low res at spalding, but here i am with another bright idea. and my husband isn't helping, because he all "wants me to be happy, 'i'll support you in whatever'" and that kinda madness... i need ultimatums and reality checks here people!!!

i'm just shocked, energized, and dumbfounded that on a whim, the thing that i really believe i want/have wanted is tangible and feasible. wow.

not to mention i've gotten tired of having to explain to folks what an mfa is ;)

my real hang-up, is locating a creative writing ph.d. program in nonfiction...

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