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Clench Million

Mar 28, 2006, 3:00 PM

Post #26 of 107 (10214 views)
Re: [kodi] NYU (plus an extra question) Can't Post

No, they defintily don't include tuition. If NYU gave every single student free tuition plus extra money, that would be pretty spectacular funding.


Mar 28, 2006, 3:16 PM

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Re: [Aubrie] NYU and UVA Can't Post

re: NYU funding --

the stipend i got is just for the fall, two thousand dollars. additionally, they are paying for half my tuition, both years. by my calculations that equals between sixteen and seventeen grand (total, counting both years). however, that means i'd also be PAYING between sixteen and seventeen grand, plus considerable fees (around three or four grand).

they've already given away the big honking NYTimes fellowship (one for poetry, one for fiction), so i guess we're all out of luck there (except for you lucky two out there). but there are teaching opportunities and other smaller teaching fellowships (community based) that they give away, for around four grand or less.

my understanding is that 65-85% of students get half to full funding. but that's according to their own materials, so, who knows.


Mar 28, 2006, 8:00 PM

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NYU Waitlist (could be August?) Can't Post

I got a letter that I've been placed on NYU's waitlist. Is it bad form to call and ask what number I am? And do they really clear their waitlist through August? That seems like a long time to put your life on hold.

I haven't heard anything from Columbia but I assume it's either waitlist or rejection at this point.

The other schools I applied to were low res:
Bennington - accepted
Goddard - accepted
Lesley - accepted
Warren Wilson - haven't heard
Antioch - haven't heard although I think others have so probably not good news.


Mar 28, 2006, 10:30 PM

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Re: [trumped] NYU Waitlist (could be August?) Can't Post

No-- I don't think that's bad form at all. (Only b/c today I called a school and asked them where I was on the waitlist-- they were totally fine with it and actually even gave me a date when I'd know for sure.)


Mar 29, 2006, 9:59 AM

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Re: [emtothejay] NYU and UVA Can't Post

In Reply To
re: NYU funding --

Thanks, em, for clarifying. And congrats on the acceptance!

For my fellow NYU waitlisters--
I just called and spoke with a secretary since the director isn't in today. She said they would not disclose my position on the (fiction) waitlist, citing department policy. She "didn't know" how many people are on the list. Funding is a possibility, but not a guarantee, if you're accepted from the waitlist.


Apr 21, 2006, 12:01 AM

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A random aside... Can't Post

Did anyone else get a letter inviting them to apply to the NYU Humanities and Social Thought master's program?



Apr 21, 2006, 12:26 AM

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Re: [mushaboom] A random aside... Can't Post

You're not talking about the Draper program, are you?

I've seen a lot of really angry students posting about the Draper consolation prize from NYU over the past few days. It seems that the Draper MA is a bit of a cash cow for the school--if you don't make it into the program you applied to, you get an "invitation" to the program.

Miriam Terron-Elder

Apr 21, 2006, 2:52 PM

Post #33 of 107 (9683 views)
Re: [bighark] A random aside... Can't Post

In Reply To
You're not talking about the Draper program, are you?

I've seen a lot of really angry students posting about the Draper consolation prize from NYU over the past few days. It seems that the Draper MA is a bit of a cash cow for the school--if you don't make it into the program you applied to, you get an "invitation" to the program.

I was wondering about the Draper program. I applied to NYU Fiction and didn't get in. Besides the NYU web site, where can I find information about the program, the students, etc?


Apr 27, 2006, 2:00 PM

Post #34 of 107 (9606 views)
Re: [bighark] A random aside... Can't Post

Yeah I got an "invitation" to that too. Where have you read these angry postings? It does sound like a scam, though interesting nonetheless....


Apr 27, 2006, 2:28 PM

Post #35 of 107 (9598 views)
Re: [Kcchen] A random aside... Can't Post

I saw those comments at places like the applyingtograd LJ community or

Anyway, Draper is not a scam--it's just slimy. The M.A. you get will be legit.


Mar 23, 2007, 5:40 PM

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Funding Woes, Class Visit Can't Post

I'm wondering what people who, like me, got into NYU but didn't get full funding, are going to do about it? As far as I can tell, the only way to get tuition remission is to a). get a T.A. position with the expository writing program, or b). work full time for the University. The deadline for the T.A.ship has passed (I got an extension and sent my app in earlier this week, but given that I had 4 days to finish it I doubt it was any good), so that leaves a full time job. Not exactly the MFA experience I had in mind, but I really don't want to have to pay tuition on top of paying for rent, food, etc.

Any thoughts? General wisdoms? Echoes of my doubts and concerns?

Also, is anybody going to the class visit next week? I signed up but I don't want to be the only person there.


Mar 23, 2007, 6:39 PM

Post #37 of 107 (9405 views)
Re: [renapoo] Funding Woes, Class Visit Can't Post

Hey renapoo,

Yeah, I got accepted into NYU as well. I only have half funding, so I need to consider my options as well. Is it true that if you work full time at NYU they waive your tuition? I didn't know that TA positions were available or anything like that. My fault, I guess, for not being diligent about it. Good luck with your application though! I thought they were available for second year students. At this point, it looks like Financial Aid and good old Sallie Mae for the first year, at least. I think I want to work at only a part time job at most, just to survive off of, so I can immerse myself into the program as best as I can. I'm just thankful (I mean, really, really, REALLY thankful) that I was accepted into the program. A month ago I was preparing myself to not get accepted anywhere!

I'm not going to the open house. I'm all the way on the west coast and won't be able to get off work in time. But let me know how it turns out and what you think of the program. Have you already committed to NYU? What are your plans for housing? On campus or off? Sorry for so many questions, it's just nice to find someone in the same situation as I am.

By the way, are you poetry or fiction? I'm fiction. I think there are some other lurkers out there who are strongly considering NYU. If anyone is out there, let's open up this thread again and start discussing!



Mar 23, 2007, 8:19 PM

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Re: [TSizzle] Funding Woes, Class Visit Can't Post

I'm fiction too. I guess I'd say I'm strongly considering NYU, but also strongly considering not going. I'd rather apply to schools again next year than have to pay out the wazoo for NYU.

In answer to your question, the T.A. ship that waives tuition is only for the Expository Writing Program. There are creative writing T.A. positions that don't waive tuition and are offered in the second year. And yeah, full-time NYU employees get tuition waived in addition to their salary.

I'll definitely report back after the class visit (sitting in on a craft class I think).


Mar 25, 2007, 3:31 PM

Post #39 of 107 (9351 views)
Re: [renapoo] Funding Woes, Class Visit Can't Post

Regarding tuition remission for full-time NYU employees, keep in mind that all benefits for new employees, including tuition benefits, kick in only after you've completed your four-month probation. If you're seriously considering working at NYU, you should probably also try to check out whether they're actually hiring right now, because there's been a supposed hiring freeze (which is never completely real, but still) off and on for the last few years.


Mar 25, 2007, 7:23 PM

Post #40 of 107 (9318 views)
Re: [renapoo] Funding Woes, Class Visit Can't Post

I have the same doubts and concerns. I've noticed some literary outreach opportunities that can help with tuition, but only one or two of them provide full tuition waivers. I was looking into becoming an RA for free housing, but that application deadline passed in December. I'll still contact them, just in case.

I was admitted to U of Oregon, full tuition and teaching stipend, and I'm getting half tuition from NYU with the chance to teach in my second year. I don't know about shelling out $8,000.00 for tuition plus NYC rent when I have the option to be fully funded.

I'd love to attend NYU and live in the city, but is it worth it?


Mar 25, 2007, 11:30 PM

Post #41 of 107 (9294 views)
Re: [joonbug] Funding Woes, Class Visit Can't Post

Yeah, I'm in kind of the same position myself. I just got my graduate package from NYU and while the half tuition is nice, the housing itself seems a little difficult. On top of that, I have a full tuition waiver from Arizona with a small scholarship on the side, which could definitely help with the whole housing situation. Oh, the options!

I would definitely choose NYC over Tucson, but that's just me. I've always dreamed of being a NYC grad student, being from the tiny place I am now. The whole debt thing bugs me, but I always made a promise to myself to never let that get in the way of my dreams. Of course, this was back during the application process, not when faced with actual debt. Err. Anyway, good to see that there are others out there pondering the same thing.

Congrats joonbug! Are you poetry or fiction?


Mar 26, 2007, 3:06 PM

Post #42 of 107 (9253 views)
Re: [TSizzle] Funding Woes, Class Visit Can't Post

It sounds like I'm in the same boat as many of you. I'm in at NYU for fiction, very tempted to accept, but weary of expenses in NY and what kind of strain that may put on the whole experience. I hear both great and negative things about the program, although it seems hard to separate these opinions from the opinions of the city itself. What are your impressions of the actual program? I wish I could visit but I'm on the west coast as well and have work obligations.

UMass is the other program in my mental tug-of-war, and the possibility of a tuition waive/teaching stipend is still alive. It's so difficult to prioritize.

It does seem that NYU has some interesting options for funding, but I get the impression that you have to be aggressive and proactive for these opportunities.

Good luck to all who are still deciding. It's helpful to know I'm not alone in the chaos of decision.


Mar 27, 2007, 12:17 AM

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Decisions, Decisions Can't Post

I'm in for poetry. I'm excited about NYU's spectacular permanent faculty, but I have no idea how much access students have to the faculty. Does anyone have the inside scoop on that? Also, in terms of getting published or working on a literary publication, it seems that being at NYU (or in New York) gives me an advantage over attending U of Oregon.

I'd prefer to earn an MFA without the stress of a full time job, but I suppose that's how writing in the real world is going to be... but Oregon's been so damn friendly and welcoming...

I'm confused. My pro/con list is making me cross-eyed.


Mar 27, 2007, 7:52 PM

Post #44 of 107 (9161 views)
Re: [joonbug] Decisions, Decisions Can't Post

I know, I know! I tried making a list of pros and cons, and I ended scrapping the whole thing. It's a tough choice when a great school (though not THE school of choice) is wooing you with a tuition waver, while the school of choice is playing it cool and calm, confident that you'll eventually come around.

I tried looking up housing options at NYU, and while they seem pretty helpful and earnest, the situtation looks a little difficult. But still, I so want to be a NYC grad student.

The good part is, from the looks of things us NYU acceptancees have options. The bad part is, well, we have options.

Has anyone other than me looked up housing possibilties at NYU, either on campus or off? That is one of a few roadblocks ahead for me before I commit to NYU, or not. Well, that and financial aid.

Thanks everyone!

Bottom Shelf

Apr 1, 2007, 2:46 AM

Post #45 of 107 (9103 views)
Re: [TSizzle] Decisions, Decisions Can't Post

I don't have many positive feelings towards NYU, as I went there undergrad for Psychology and Comparative Lit, and in neither major did I get much personal attention from advisors or faculty. In some cases, my experiences were horrendous, a sentiment shared by many undergrads in both fields.

The most impressive faculty members generally seem not-so-accessible. This may be different for the MFA programs, and even if the hotshots aren't accessible, there's always room for connections to be made through faculty. You'll be in one of the world's centers for publishing, with a bevy of agents, writers, professors who will be willing to work with you to develop your craft outside of the classroom.

I run a writer's group for poets now. I'm sure I'm not the only one. But to find these things, you have to seek them out. Nobody in this city will find you unless you make a considerable effort to be found.

I grew up in Queens, Long Island and Puerto Rico. I've lived in the city for 7 consecutive years now. My job has me traveling around Queens and the Bronx. I have a good grasp of what the city can offer, and I haven't seen half of it. There will always be something to keep you busy. It's part of the charm and at times, it can be oppressive, this tyranny of choice. But I love it here, though I am going to Tucson (UofA) in 2007 for poetry; I will miss New York. I know I will. But I also know a change, after 7 years, is in order.

It's an excellent place to live for two years. There is a magic to it. NYU might not provide the most intimate setting (the undergrad, grad population is just huge) but the city itself is worth coming for, regardless of the reason.

A reason to come is enough. Length of stay is a matter of preference. My cousin, from Nashville, comes for two weeks at a time to shop. That's it. Evaluate why you want to come here, what you think the so-called capital of the world can offer you. I've never had to move TO the city, though I noticed many people come for the city's mystique and spend years (decades) coming to terms with what life is actually like here.

As for housing, I highly suggest living in Queens. It's cheaper than Brooklyn or Manhattan. The commute is not as bad as people will have you think. One major downside: Your friends will scoff at the borough and might not want to visit you as much, but if you're in Astoria / Long Island City, you'll have mates (and you'll meet them at the Bohemian Beer Garden, other spots in the area) who share this experience. They will become your buddies. However, many of your friends might live in Brooklyn, so going out will mean up to an hour's commute (or more) to their house party or preferred bar / nightclub.

The city has everything, but after a while, you might begin to wonder, "Do I really need everything?" I found the answer to be No, which is why I'm looking forward to Tucson...


Apr 2, 2007, 2:42 AM

Post #46 of 107 (9050 views)
Re: [Bottom Shelf] Decisions, Decisions Can't Post

Thanks Bottom Shelf!

That was some awesome insights to the city. Yeah, after spending my whole life in this city, I want to move, and NYC has always been a lofty dream of mine, until now. Anyway, congratulations on going to Arizona. It's a great program and yes, the change of pace will be welcome.


Apr 3, 2007, 12:49 AM

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NYU Can't Post

I talked to a current NYU MFA poetry student over the weekend, and she loves the program. First off, the professors may not be buddy-buddy with students, but all anyone needs to do is sign up for office hours. She said that each session during office hours is a 20 minute one-on-one conference.

She had similar funding as most of us, but she was able to secure an assistantship that pays for full tuition and even offers a living stipend, which involves working a campus job about 20 hours a week. Her message was, Be Persistent. In the packet of materials sent by the grad school is a five-page insert about funding graduate education. She used that info to secure her assistantship.

It appears that, in order to succeed at NYU (in terms of funding), you have to go out and get it. If I choose NYU, it is only because I am convinced that nothing will keep me from getting that money.

As for housing, she recommended living off campus in Brooklyn. The packet of info has a brochure for Off Campus Housing that seems useful.


Apr 3, 2007, 4:30 PM

Post #48 of 107 (8970 views)
Re: [joonbug] NYU Can't Post

Wow. Glad to hear that funding is available. Was she a second year or first year? I was looking through the package and was considering applying for an assistantship, but figure that it is way past the deadline. I'll look again. Thanks for the insight!


Apr 6, 2007, 9:32 AM

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Re: [TSizzle] NYU Can't Post

Wow. I'm so glad to read all of your posts. I am on the waitlist at NYU, and I guess I didn't know all of this stuff about funding, as my advisor/mentor went there, and as he did a TAship said he ended up only paying about $4000 out of pocket for the whole degree.

As for living the writer's life in New York. It is a very romantic idea, I agree. It also makes for juggling a lot of conflicting claims on your time. I've been living in Manhattan for a long while now, and between working to pay rent (which even in my rent stabilized apartment is exorbitant and costs almost half of my monthly, relatively well-paying income), seeing my friends and family, going to all those great cultural things, and trying to exercise, it's really hard to find enough time to write. That being said, unless I get off the waitlist, I am moving to Boston for school next year, and the idea of leaving New York just about gives me hives.

Good luck to all of you. Hopefully I'll meet some of you in workshop next fall!


Mar 24, 2009, 5:23 PM

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2009 Can't Post

Anyone seriously considering attending NYU this fall? Unless something pretty miraculous happens with me and UVA, I think I'll be at NYU for poetry. I'd love to chat.

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